Friday, February 28, 2014

Ideas for Week 2

For our first week with a theme I want to try "Zoo Animals"
(this is all subject to change)

What we have:
Wooden Zoo Puzzle, Little People Zoo Train, 2 Animal Books, Giraffe Elephant and Monkey Stuffed Animals, Rocks

To Make:
Printable animals to cut in half for "Heads and Tails" Game (from Ironic Adventures), Printable for "Feed the Bear" game (idea from The Eyes of a Boy).

To Buy:
Stickers, maybe some stuff for the sensory bin

Bin 1: Zoo Puzzle
Bin 2: "Heads and Tails"
Bin 3: Stickers
Bin 4: "Feed the Bear"
Bin 5: Sensory Bin

If I Ran the Zoo, Curious George at the Zoo, ...

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