We live in Michigan, and it has been a loooooooooooooooong winter. I have a 20 month old daughter and am pregnant with number two (due in September). With blizzard after blizzard and a polar vortex trapping us in the house, and my first trimester sickness and fatigue confining us to the family room, my toddler has grown accustom to watching too much Netflix. I am finally feeling better and am desperate for some structured activities to better our routine. Thank you Pinterest! I found lots of toddler activities and crafts and something amazing called "Tot School".

I believe the term "Tot School" was coined by Carisa at 1+1+1=1 (or more accurately by her son). She is an organization/homeschooling guru. I love all of her ideas, and most of the ideas I use came originally from her website and I modified them a bit for our purposes. If you sign up for her email monthly newsletter, you can get a free copy of her Where Do I Begin With Tot School ebook. I got and loved it, wish I would've got it when my daughter turned one because she has so many good ideas for 12-18 months.

So I personally am not a good blogger or writer or anything like that. I am also not here trying to offer advice, I have no formal early education training whatsoever. Nor am I looking to make any money. So why start a blog? I have the memory of a goldfish...

I want to use this to organize my thoughts and plans. I want to record what worked, what didn't, where we got our stuff, and how she progressed. Mostly so I'll be able to recreate this for Baby Dos...and ya know, not have to explain how my toddler knows how to turn on the Wii and start her favorite Netflix programs.  This is mainly personal use, but I will be sharing just in case anyone else likes an idea or someone just wants to say, "I'm glad I'm not the only one who that activity did/didn't/almost worked for too."

Will I keep homeschooling past Tot School? ....Probably not. I do not have the discipline or patience. I tried a couple online classes in college and did not do well without the structure and looking my professor in the eye. I need someone looking over my shoulder when it comes to stuff that I dont really want to do, like math, or the dishes, ya know. Plus I would ideally like her to go to the Lutheran School here in town when the time comes.

I can't think of anything else to share, so that's that for now.

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  1. I'm excited to read more about the activities you will be sharing! I used to live in Michigan, too (for about 15 years), and now I live in the Netherlands with my Dutch hubby and our 19 month old.

    Congrats on the second pregnancy! I'm glad you survived the winter- my family said it was terrible, while here in Holland we only had one snow 'storm' (a few snow flakes fell from the sky).