Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Week 5: Monday


After our return from the library on Monday we started our Tot School with "mess-free" painting.

I think I first saw this idea on Pinterest but I can't remember from which website specifically. You just put a plain piece of paper into a large zip-top bag. Then squirt some paint in and seal the whole thing up.

I started by just putting in the yellow paint. Scout halfheartedly tried to spread it around but I could see this wasn't very interesting to her.

So I added a little green (because it was still sitting on the counter from last week) so she could mix the two. If we were big fans of the University of Oregon this would be perfect.

She liked this. We even practiced writing the alphabet and the word "duck" before the paint started to dry up a little bit.

  • Yellow/Green
  • the "abc's"
  • "duck"
  • art
  • color mixing
  • letter/writing practice
I don't know if anyone else took their painting out of the bag or just left it in there forever. I originally (not thinking about it too much) tried to just pull it out, but her picture started to rip a bit. So I decided I wasn't going to reuse this bag for anything (Yes, I do normally wash and reuse my zip-top bags. It is a habit I got from living with my grandma, who will wash and reuse every plastic container she can get her hands on), and cut the bag in half to remove her painting.


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