Friday, March 14, 2014

Week 4 Ideas: St. Patrick's Day/Green Theme

 Last weekend we were crazy busy with company and and home renovations, and I didn't have an opportunity to plan a theme for this week. So we basically reused most of the stuff we already had, but I could tell Scout was loosing interest. So I kinda let "school" slide these last couple days. We did have one really nice day where the temperatures reached the upper 40's and we went outside. She enjoyed going for a ride in her red wagon and I let her splash in the mud puddles in our driveway.

This upcoming week I want to do a St. Patrick's Day/Green theme. I'm tempted to buy some stuff Tuesday (when they all go on sale) for a themed sensory bin. I think she will enjoy exploring new things because she seemed offended when I tried to mix in the toys she already had; like she knew they didn't belong in there.

Ideas for St. Patrick's Day/Green Theme
  1. Themed sensory bin: maybe dye rice green this weekend, shamrocks, beads, leprechauns
  2. Green Play-dough
  3. Find the Leprechaun/ Shamrock (I don't know if this will go over well)
  4. Pouring green water or rice
  5. Try to find some green magnets to use on a cookie sheet
  6. Art: Shamrock painting with a green pepper
I would love to do more bead work or transferring with her, but she is having a real problem not putting small choke-able items in her mouth. She just thinks its funny. She will come right up to me and make sure I'm watching. (I don't get it) We are just going to have to wait until she's older.

She hates green veggies (she has always cried whenever I tried to feed her peas, even sneaking them in, she can tell and starts crying) but I'd like to try out some "green" recipes.  Most of the good ideas like spinach in eggs or green pancakes are a no go around here too because she's allergic to eggs. I think I'll scour Pinterest this weekend for some more ideas too. Might be a good time to try green smoothies ;)

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