Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Week 5: Duck Theme

Duck Theme Week

This week I decided at the very last minute (as I was looking through the board books at the library and Scout was sitting at a table playing with the rubber ducks from the librarian's desk), that this week would be centered around ducks. I wanted something Spring related, but not flowers and butterflies because I want to wait until the snow actually melts to do those projects. (Speaking of snow we have had "flurries" off and on all day in between peaks of bright sunshine...I wish it would just decided to be nice outside and stay that way, I'm dying for warmer weather). All the yellow should be cheerful too.

So I we checked out the book What's Up Duck? by Tad Hills (a book about opposites, appropriate for today), and after another tearful goodbye to the librarian's ducks (seriously does she have them just to torture parents?) we went home to brainstorm more duck ideas.

I didn't show the cover because it has a sticker with the library name on it and it includes the name of the town we live in; info I didn't want to share with everyone. 

  1. Yellow painting
  2. Water tray with ducks (float vs. sink)
  3. Make a duck shaped snack out of a banana and baby carrot
  4. Letter D printable
  5. Some sort of counting exercise with ducks that I haven't thought of yet
This should go over well. Scout LOVES ducks. She makes the cutest "Quack quack" when asked what a duck says. She can't quite make the Q sound so its very "kwaka kwaka"-ish.


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